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  1. Now that's an interesting idea, I quite like it.
  2. The due dates would be nice when it finally gets implimented, and I can definatley see the calendar intergration being a 3rd party addon as it does not require any specific interface intergration. I guess based on what I can see now as upcomming the one thing I would like to see, as a consideration is the ability to assign a note to a contributor of a shared notebook. So I could for example have a notebook called Tasks shared between me, bob, and jack. I create a note as a task and set a due date and all that good stuff, then I could assign it to say bob, who could then see its been assigned to him and know its his responsiblity to see the task though. True this could be acomplished though the use of a tag, but IMO a seperate interface option gies much more power to the process. Using tags for such is really more of a workaround in the meantime as I see it, much like workarounds for due date that exist for now.
  3. I can't say that I could quote you the exact mission if you will of evernote, but I would describe it personally as a system that help you remember and organize things you want to remember. I think a to do list would naturally be part of that, and evernote already has some such functionality, I am simple suggesting additinal features to expand that functionality and make it more useful. If I wanted to use something else I could search for a to do list manager on Google, but there is something to be said about keeping things simple by not having too many diffrent systems for stuff.
  4. I know evernote can kinda do a to do list by adding items into a note with a checkbox, but I'd really like to see something more. What I am looking for the is ability to vcreate multipule lists, share them like I can notebooks. Be able to link notes in evernote to an item in the list, be able to assign taks in the list to anyone its shared with, and the ability to have due dates and reminders, and to sync with calendar apps like Google Calendar to show to do list items on their due date.
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