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  1. HI Trying to do this myself, I figured out you can print highlights from EN online: Either copy/paste into a browser the note URL from your installed EN application or just to to EM online and sign in to your account. In the 1st case print as you would any long web page. In the second, (in EN online) right click on the note "Snippet" and select print. Both ways print the highlights. Doing from EN online is slightly better print quality. Hope this helps Good luck
  2. +1 more for EN zoom in Windows. This is a critical feature. Because of the lack of this feature, I mostly click on the original web link and read the original article rather than reading my notes/clips and Evernote because I cannot control Evernote zooming.
  3. I and my business would also like to see the "print to Evernote" feature. This should be an easy plugin.
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