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  1. Quick answer! I read something about that and I haven’t tried it. I do much like the idea of writing it in on the tablet directly into Evernote vs. trying to use latex to write it. Some of the notes I take are directly on the computer though vs using the tablet. I use my tablet for annotating directly on the pdf’s and then go back to using the computer for the note-taking. I guess it’s all in the workflow, process, what seems to work better. Personally, I’m going to keep up trying to get the best workflow with mathematics in mind.
  2. You know, I think it’s humorous you come in with a rando stat on a board of mechanical engineers, scientists and university students in STEM against the motion they desire. Humorous enough for me to comment on it. I’m pretty sure, most of the folks above took statistics. And I’m pretty sure your rando stat would be met with quite a bit of skepticism. Where is this 5% coming from? Did you just pull that out of thin air? You could be right, but you could also be very wrong. Without survey data, or polling done by Evernote on its users, it’s difficult to arrive at any good indicator what the actual percentage of use would be. Just throwing that out there. I don’t mean to speak for everybody but I wouldn’t be surprised if your rando stat falls pretty hard on deaf ears in this post. Lol To comment on the post though, I use Penultimate rather extensively for my maths. I very much like its integration features in Evernote. I would like the ability to put in equations into Evernote directly, so that I could better join the notes I take on the keyboard vs the notes I take on my tablet. I think I’ll look into these alternatives in the meantime.
  3. When I think about this issue, I think of it more of a nice to have usability feature. I would love to have this but I can see that Evernote is NOT a programmer code snippet tool. I think what would really shine in this app is the use of markdown like features to designate the language for highlighting. For instance, using the 3 back ticks with a language type at the end of the three ticks as a special built in function of EN that applies the syntax highlighting within that block only and keeps your spacing indentation foreach newline, only within that block. For example: ```javascript my code block ``` That would be really nice. As a programmer, I honestly don't use Evernote to keep track of my code. HOWEVER, I use it extensively for my note-taking, I use penultimate extensively for my mathematics. I use notebooks, tags, all the nice features that EN has. I do like the code block tool but now that I'm getting knee deep into some new books that include code, I'm suddenly finding myself in a position where I want to keep notes on the new things I'm learning within new languages I'm picking up as I learn a topic (like statistics and R). Honestly, I would really like the code highlight feature when I'm learning new stuff from books. That's where I see this feature in most demand for people like me. Not as a code snippet tool, but to keep notes on the code I'm writing as I learn something new, or to annotate code blocks and write notes around them, like a design pattern in C# or the strange ~ operator in R that recently made me go "huh?". I would want to have the code block highlighted and write in notes both in comment form in the block and in notes before and after the code block. I can easily see myself doing this a lot. Other than that, if a programmer is sitting here wanting to catalog their code snippets, I wouldn't recommend EN to do that at all. It's the wrong tool for the job in my opinion. Honestly I don't NEED this functionality of code highlighting, but it sure would be a nice feature for me.
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