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  1. Seems, I found out what happened. After my current Plus contract expired, it was not renewed as usual but downgraded to Basic. The only way to continue was an upgrade to Personal.
  2. While this statement is made in the notification, it seems not to be true. I'm an Evernote Plus customer. Today, I got a notification on one of my mobile devices that I have to disconnect all my devices but two because I'm in Evernote Basic. To avoid this I should upgrade to Evernote Premium. They completely ignored that I'm in Evernote Plus. Very annoying.
  3. Actually, that solution did not really work. After some time, Evernote automatically upgraded to version 10.6. Normally I get asked whether or not to accept an upgrade, but not this time. Good news is, that version 10.6 runs better than 10.5.
  4. I just downgraded to version 8.13.3 of which I still had an apk on an older device. Now, everything is running again nicely. There is no longer that problem with starting the app offline, not even after having deleted the cache. So, the problem was obviously related with some changes made in a later version.
  5. Just found out that the problem only occurs when starting offline after the cache has been deleted. The Evernote app seems to store everything just in the cache, even the notebooks for which the offline mode was activated.
  6. Thanks, I just found it also in the Android version. So, it has just moved. However, there is still the configuration problem when starting after a longer offline period. Then, not only the contents of the notes are missing, there is not even a list of notes. I will make a screenshot when it happens next.
  7. It seems to depend on how long the device was offline. After a short time, the text notes are still there but all the attachments are gone. After a longer period of time, the configuration fails, and an empty database appears. This seems to be related with another issue I just noticed. In older versions, for each notebook, there was a button by which you could activate and deactivate an offline mode. With offline activated, all content for that notebook including all file attachments was downloaded to your device. So, it was always available independent from a data connection. Here, a screenshot from version 8.13: In version 10.x, that button is gone:
  8. When starting the app, a short configuration procedure will be passed before the database is opened. When the device was offline for quite a while without Evernote running, that configuration procedure requires a data connection, otherwise it will fail. Then, you cannot open your database, not even the locally stored notes. That's very annyoing. I often use Android devices offline. There are also 'WiFi only' Android devices that do not have a data connection when no suitable WiFi network is in reach. I now always start Evernote at home before leaving the house. That's a little bit clumsy, however. On another device, I still have version 8.13 running that does not have that problem.
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