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  1. Just jumping on the bandwagon. Really hard to see all those little tiny letters in the notes list. It would be great to have more control over the user interface and font sizes.
  2. Any more ideas on this issue? I'm having the same troubles. Also using Safari. "Send PDF to Evernote" appears in print window. Nothing shows up in Evernote once it is processed.
  3. Thanks very much. In looking into this, I had about decided my problem was related to Safari 5.1, as a few things I read suggested that Evernote got some of its PDF viewing from Safari. (Don't know for certain if that is true or not, but I read a few posts that seem to suggest it.) But since you are using Lion, and therefore I presume using Safari 5.1, then that kills that theory. My wife's desktop doesn't have the problem, but it is running Snow Leopard and Safari 5.0.5. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.
  4. I am having an issue with Evernote 3.0.1 hanging. I have been able to isolate the issue and can duplicate the "hang" consistently. Here is the sequence that results in the hang: 1. Open Evernote 2. Select a note that contains a PDF 3. Left click on the PDF to select it in the window and then right click on the PDF--use the context menu to change from "automatically resize" to "actual size" 4. Select same or any other note that contains a PDF 5. Left click on the PDF to select it and then right click on the PDF as if intending to get to the context menu to resize it At this point, Evernote hangs fro me every time. Has anyone had a similar issue? Would anyone mind checking to see if they can duplicate the problem? Any ideas on a solution? I tend to resize the view of the PDFs often, so this pretty much makes the program unusable for me. I am running OSX 10.7 on an iMac 3.06 Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 GB of RAM Thanks for any help or guidance. I did try to search for this issue, so if I missed it, I apologize for duplicating threads.
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