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  1. This is my experience with Evernote‘s search funtion on the iPad: I pick the search icon on the left, below the „all notes“ icon. I enter a search term on the search screen that is shown. I press Enter. Now I see a list of notes that contain the search expression. So far, it is ok. What I see as a problem: This listing does not show where in the note the search hits are located. So, I have to enter the same search expression in the „Search in note“ function for each note, via the top right menu that opens when I pick the „...“ icon. In contrast, if I do a search on the desktop Evernote, each note in the list scrolls down to the first occurrence of the search result, and all search results in each note are highlighted. So, it is easy to see the search results at their place in all notes on the desktop Evernotes, but impossible in the iPad Evernote. Unless I type in the same search expression in each and every note in the results list. Do I miss something? Or is this a function that is just not supported in Evernote‘s iPad version? Thanks much!
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