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  1. I am aware the apk for EN 8.13.3 was and is not being updated by EN.. It makes sense why it doesn't work on my new phone/OS. I still desperately need the 'list widget' back in EN 10.. I'm personally struggling without it, and I know many other users are as well. (I don't know when they added the 'add note to homescreen' in the new evernote! I see it and just reapplied my notes back to my homescreen! Thank you Alxa!) Thanks for the move Gizumped, I couldn't find this fourm in the options of the drop down menu.
  2. I had an apk that worked on my s9. The apk doesn't work on my new s20. Just gets stuck on the log in screen. Read about that exact issue on here as well. I feel a HUGE loss from these missing features.
  3. I am begging the team to press forward on getting the list widget for the homescreen back on Android. I have depended on evernote for almost a decade. Evernote single handedly helped me get my disability under control by helping me organize. Without this homescreen widget I struggle to remember to update my notes. A measly little widget bar with only 6 buttons doesn't satisfy. I need to see my recent notes. Seeing my recent notes was much more conducive to my work flow. There was also an extremely helpful 'add note shortcut to home screen' that was also removed. Please hear my plead. Please add these essential features back to Evernote.
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