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  1. I'm getting one too, Samsung Galaxy Note is going to replace my Galaxy S2 and Eee Pad Transformer tab, i will then only use that phone with two extra batteries to get me through the day.
  2. Come on man, I am on 32 GB in addition to having 16GB built in. To truly enjoy Evernote experience I think you should put a bigger card, they are very cheap now a days. But I do want to know from Evernote about how can move Evernote data and app from built in drive to SD Card as I am running out of the 16GB built in space (not because of Evernote though)
  3. Copy note function usability : if I have this function then I can make some template notes and use them to do some inspection and make some checklists. I also need to do some quality inspections and if I have a checklist as a template and if I can just copy it to a new note and rename it to carry out inspection, that would be just wonderful. Samsung Galaxy S2
  4. Hi, with this new update, if I make an indented note within a note on the web using Firefox and then sync to the device, then whole note goes missing in my Android device (Samsung Galaxy S2.) I went back to web refreshed, it was still there, refreshed on my Android, still wasn't there. So I removed indentation and my notes within that note reappeared on the device. let me know if you need more information to correct this problem.
  5. Hi, Can we please have Indentation functionality in Android? I'm starting to write my tasks within notes and some tasks I need to write are indented tasks, which I refer to them as Subtasks. It works fine on the web and windows native client, but not in Android. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. Why would it be a step backward? This is definitely a step forward if there are additional features such as manual sorting. Also, users will not be forced to use this featur i e, this can be optional only and maybe only for Premium members. This will be one way to attract users to Premium membership if they like basic funcionality. I would definitely pay even more than what I pay now as a Premium member. Also, I don't agree that their focus is not on this or that. Even now Evernote is not a simple notetaking app, its functions have greatly expaned. I personally switched from Paperport 12 Pro to Evernote to organize and store all my files for easy reference. I really think that Evernote should give this serious consideration and should work on this. There are other note taking apps which can do this then why not Evernote. Others who want this funcationality should really show their interest here in this forum.
  7. I need Manual sort order also to drag and drop sort my priorities. In addition to store my information I want to use Evernote for my tasks management so that I can fully depend on one single application for all my professional needs. And yes, really others have done it. Evernote is popular for being innovative and may lose its current standing if it doesn't continuously improve. Palm OS was a market leader with 90% share in early times, when they stopped innovating the market share was taken by Microsoft and then again by iPhone and Android. Time and opportunities never wait for anyone. The only way to stay on top is to continue to improve and listen to the customers. Please take the manual sorting seriously, I believe those who don't know much about it will also appreciate. You can give them option to do what they do now or choose to sort manually
  8. So far works beautifully! But I would like to have e ability to save a rotated image. Also, skitch is great, I love it, but it may need more functions similar to PicSay in order to be even better. I.e word balloon. 2 weeks into Evernote and I already curse myself for not using Evernote ever before. I ditched Paperport Pro for Evernote. I'm now a premium member and will convert my whole office into it. Samsung Galaxy S2
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