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  1. Yes, it's official, the new Evernote is completely rubbish! The previous Evernote was bad, and lacked for example the ability to create subfolders within Notebooks, but the latest version is just complete junk! All the features that sped thinks along like the Outlook plugin and right clicking on a file to Send it to Evernote have gone. Right click functionality on Notebooks has gone. Haven't you heard you're supposed to make apps better not worse! Personally I'm finding it impossible to work with the new Evernote, it's functionality is so backward that I'm giving up on it, I won't replace it and will instead rely on back my work folder up and email files to a 2.5" hard drive on a weekly basis instead, just a shame I won't be able to share that readily with my remote colleagues, maybe there's a Microsoft Office solution work investigating, at least that will integrate with my apps.
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