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  1. This evening I received the below email, so I got very worried as there is loads of personal work stuff on there. About 20 mins after the email, I changed my password, and set up 2MFA. I checked the access history and there is nothing that wasn't me, apart from 1 entry in December, from India. Please can anyone advise, have I been hacked and if so, why wasn't todays in the access history. I check the email address and it one of Evernotes approved email addresses. I am really worried. Thanks We noticed a new login to Evernote and wanted to make sure it was you. When: March 12, 2021 02:34:19 AM GMT+05:00 Where: Punjab, IndiaIP Address: Windows/Chrome If you recognize this activity, no further action is required. If this was not you, we recommend the following steps:
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