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  1. Another things that could be improved with the spell checker is for it to recognise date stamps. I often put the time in my notes, and the stupid spell checker tries to correct text like "11:14:59". Please make the spell checker smarter about non-next elements of notes.
  2. I'm going through and spell-checking a large number of notes, and I find it annoying that the spell checker gets stuck and tries to correct multiple fragments of URL web links. It really slows down the process of spell-checking your notes. Please make the spell checker ignore URLs! Example: I have a note with the follwing link pasted into it: http://my-fuzzy-logic.de/blog/index.php?/archives/41-Solving-linux-MTRR-problems.html. The spell checker stops six times to try and correct portions of the link. For notes with many URLs included it becomes a rather frustrating experience to click cancel multiple times to ignore the URL corrections.
  3. This is still an issue. Viewing images in Gallery viewer (from Evernote) is a really disappointing experience on my Nexus 7. Especially for scanned text, which I often find myself wanting to zoom in on to see details. It's just not possible now, the resolution is too low. The workaround to open in Skitch sort of works, but you lose the ability to swipe from image to image, so it's not a satisfying solution.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Swiping to flick screens may not have been technologically possible when Evernote was first released on Android. The feature has however become more and more common in recent years, and is now standard in many major Android apps, e.g. Gmail, Google Calendar, Tasks, just to name a few. I can think of many use cases when this is useful in Evernote; for example a diary/journal, with one entry per note; a collection of recipes, one recipe per note; scanned receipts, one receipt per note; and so on. In fact most of my notes and notebooks are deigned like that, one notebook per topic, and individual notes for each entry on that topic. So I don't understand your description of notes as being "unique", in other words unrelated. I could see that if you have just a single note for all you recipes, and a single note for your entire diary, a single note for all your receipts, and so on, flicking between notes might not be useful. However, in my experience notes become horrendously large and difficult to manage with that type of approach.
  5. Hi, I'd like to make a suggestion for mobile platforms, in particular for Android, which I use. I often find myself wanting to quickly flick through a series of notes in a notebook on my phone. It would be very convenient if you could swipe left/right to switch between the available notes. Currently you have to tap back and forth between notes and notebook to do this, which is much less efficient.
  6. Sure, but turning the phone off and on often does not prompt for login in these cases. Either because an authentication token was download to the phone at the initial sign-in and this token continues to be valid even after a central change of password, or, because the user checked "stay singed in" at the initial sign-in.
  7. Hi, I haven't been on the forums for a while, but I noticed that now the login process now takes you over from discussion.evernote.com to www.evernote.com temporarily to log in so I assume that the authentication is now the same for the forum and evernote.com, which in extension would mean that I'm supposed to use the same authentication for the forum as for my Evernote apps? I think in the past the forum identity and login authentication details were entirely separate from the main Evernote account and authentication of the application on various platforms. Do I understand this correctly? When did this change happen. Was it announced somewhere? Thanks.
  8. Just final comment to note that this this behaviour (that clients keep being able to access data after a password change) is not at all uncommon. At least on Android devices I've noticed many different apps with this flaw. In fact it is quite uncommon for such apps to provide a central page where devices can be revoked (as in Evernote's case).
  9. I don't know the answer to your question, but I think it might be safe to assume that all devices that have ever been connected to your account would be listed on that page. Ask Evernote support if you need further confirmation.
  10. Actually there is a way to handle this. Go to Evernote on the Web / Account Settings / Applications. There you can revoke access to any devices you don't want to have access to your data anymore. I just tried this on one of my devices and it triggered a re-login prompt on the device that I revoked access for.
  11. This is the same on Windows, and I agree that it's a very weird and unexpected behavior. Changing you password should trigger a re-login process on all devices. Yes it is a security hole. On one of my devices (Windows) a little pop-up appeared after a while saying I needed to re-authorize my account, but I don't know what triggered it. The expected behavior would be for this to happen immediately! On other devices no such pop-up ever appeared. If you have access to your devices you can always sign out and sign in, but if a device was stolen or lost you're screwed.
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