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  1. @Panda_Bear The plugin uses the `Evernote.tmLanguage` syntax definition by default. It defines the scopes for the metadata headers and then imports the gfm markdown syntax (from MarkdownEditing) if installed and the default one. Hence you should be able to see the MarkdownEditing highlighting and get the autocompletion (which only works on the scope defined by Evernote.tmLanguage).
  2. Hi P-TAK14, the feature you are requesting is already implemented by the plugin, even with syntax highlighting. For instructions and features requests, please refer to https://github.com/bordaigorl/sublime-evernote(there are wiki and issues sections)
  3. Well, the plugin allows you to save notes to Evernote as well as opening them. So, for instance, you can open the command pallette, write "Open Evernote" select the entry, navigate the desired Notebook, select the note from the list et voilà you get the markdown of your note. From there you can use the note's contents as you prefer. Does this answer your question?
  4. Hi DutchPete what do you mean by "export" a markdown note? Once you write a note using markdown syntax in Sublime Text you can do what you want with it: you can save it to a file, use a converter on it to get a preview (there are ST plugins for that as well) etc. As for the broken link it's a glitch in Package Control's rendering of the readme, you can find the original (with working links) here https://github.com/bordaigorl/sublime-evernote#first-use
  5. I just released a new version (2.6.0). It features substancial enhancements such as asynchronous communication with the server,GFM tables, strikethrough and underlined support,support for HTTPS for Package Control v3 users. The full details and documentation can be found in the wiki.
  6. @gazumped: you are welcome btw the next version is going to support HTTPS provided you use the new Package Control version 3! @foonote: I did not want to override the ctrl+s binding since it's such a basic one, plus somebody may want to save the note to a local file in addition to updating the cloud version. In the readme there's a note about how to set ctrl+s to do what you ask: just add to your user keymap a variation of the following { "keys": ["super+e"], "command": "show_overlay", "args": {"overlay": "command_palette", "text": "Evernote: "} }, { "keys": ["ctrl+s"], "command": "save_evernote_note", "context": [{"key": "evernote_note"}, {"key": "evernote_has_guid"}] }, { "keys": ["ctrl+s"], "command": "send_to_evernote", "context": [{"key": "evernote_note"}, {"key": "evernote_has_guid", "operator": "equal", "operand": false}] }, This would bind ctrl+s to "Send to Evernote" if you are in a view displaying a new note, "Update Evernote note" if you are in a view displaying an existing note.
  7. If you are already using Sublime Text 3 with Package Control the installation procedure should be as easy as Ctrl+P > Install > Evernote. If you encounter problems you are most welcome to post an issue at https://github.com/bordaigorl/sublime-evernote It depends what you mean by "my hands" Not a single bit of your data will leave your editor unless you issue Evernote related commands, in which case your data will be sent directly to Evernote's servers through their own libraries. Everything the plugin does is done locally on the client's side, apart from downloading and uploading notes from/to your Evernote account. Unfortunately, due to restrictions to some of the libraries shipped with Sublime Text the plugin does not support https. This is going to change when Sublime Text will add support for it. The authentication is done using Developer API Tokens.
  8. Do you use Sublime Text 3 for your coding/editing and would love to use it to edit Evernote notes? This plugin is for you! https://packagecontrol.io/packages/Evernote Sublime Text 3 is a popular text editor. This plugin allows you to work with your Evernote notes using the convenient Markdown notation. It features: Conversion from and to Markdown: open your note in Sublime Text as a Markdown document, save it to get it converted back to rich textList/Search/Create/Upload notes from within Sublime TextUpload/List/Open Attachments Any feedback welcome!
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