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  1. This is exactly why Apple kicked Evernote out from it's share menu, to create the reaction just like yours and nudge you in a "right" direction. Oh, and Apple also restricted Evernote functionality further in multiple ways. You are rewarding monopoly power for unfair anti-competition practices. Just ask yourself: once in Apple ecosystem, (with default now being .heic media files) will you be able to migrate out? or are you stuck in a one way funnel? Actually, I rather hope that European Union will keep beady eye at such sharp practices, because it seems nobody else is willing to.
  2. In all fairness, I believe it is Apple's doing: they keep changing (restricting) access.
  3. Thank you, guys. I un-installed and reinstalled and it did not fix the issue. PinkElephant, of course I can use Macs own tool, but it misses the point I am making, that the software I am paying for offers a functionality and then does not deliver. Eva
  4. Using WebClipper on Chrome, on my 2017 MacBook Air running on macOS Catalina My display settings are "default" which is highest available. When using native screen capture none of that is a problem and image is perfectly sharp.
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