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  1. Thank you both for the Answer. Good Idea DTLow, a legacy reverse is a good consideration. Is it possible in the Application integrated to downgrade, or do I need a black market program file? My answer to you PinkElephant: Additional Standard is good, but excluding principles, is like excluding vocals of a word. It doesn't make sense to do so in any saine economicaly fashion. Beeing serious is for reason, that comming back to a policy that is in the balance of growth, a fast implementation of including standards like text or html saves a good future. Consider what you have planned, because people are with their work hanging and building at your system. I can not accept that, for pointing directly to Evernote, the Version can be thought a progress in the term of morality. Where considering the people, it is lost a bit to much weight on. Theifore I call here for an immediate Support Act reversing the porsions in the winmax direction taken.
  2. Hello People, I can not find the option for exporting my written notes to the HTML standard. Is their a reason to exclude the HTML? Enex is not a global standard. For a usage in my projects I need this format. Is their a possibility to export into text? I use the WIndows Application, but my question is, is it so for Apple Application too? Please help me with that issue. I am interrupted by that exclusion to work.
  3. Hello People, I as only using evernote on my android screen, have an question concerning an proposel for adopting an function or using an algorithm to make "new lines" as written in and for the mobile screen size an possible formation feature to have these written for that specific screen size to be then added to a selection of notes. To do so was my need for the transformation in html format, where all the lines seen from the mobile screen were not adopted. It does theirfore miss the aesthetics of the layout, or to say in principle the typographic representation was changed. Is it possible to add the new lines through an algorithm on my actual notes? Thank you
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