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  1. Hi, don't know if I am in the right discussion forum but I´ll try. Is there a possibility to choose font when entering a title to your note? Or the possibility to change the title into italic or bold etc. Is that a possible feature to work on otherwise? Thanks for your time! /Anna
  2. Hi everyone. I just wanted to say thanks for all the tips and trix in this thread and tell you how I solved this issue for myself. It was a bit of a fluke I might add. I recorded an important meeting yesterday in an Evernote note, opened my computer today (without closing it properly yesterday) and realised the recording was still going on! Without thinking, I pressed the X instead of the pause button and the recording was gone. After a lot of tries in terminal, finder etc I opened the computers Trash Bin in the dock. And there it was!!! So, just a tip - look there first! So happy! Have a great day! /Anna
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