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  1. Yes, their lack of a public roadmap is certainly a problem but it's probably best to keep threads to a single issue.
  2. You're mistakenly conflating different things. Are you a developer?
  3. I see myself frustrated by inaction by Evernote developers when anyone I work with could resolve the issue in ten minutes. Greetings.
  4. My job is software development. I've done it for 25 years.
  5. Well people have cited this issue since 2017 so it could be the developers simply aren't that good.
  6. That's the thing. Ease of action. It's a two minute fix to change the CSS to remove the restrictive width.
  7. This thread began in late 2017 and in 2021 it remains broken.
  8. I fear the developers are hung on doing things that are interesting to code rather than easy to code and useful for customers.
  9. Hi. There is a scroll bar, but who wants to scroll backwards and forward when looking at a table? If they're comparing values across tables it's a nightmare. Why restrict to 800px?
  10. That's an option in the win client. This is an option with a shared note on the web.
  11. Hi. Yes, I'd already set it to that but sadly it still defaults to 800px and truncates all the tables.
  12. I spent a whole day on a very large document and only upon sharing the link did I see that the page width on the shared note is restricted to a mind-boggingly small 800px (so all my tables just truncated to the right so they weren't readable). Why on earth would such a restriction be put in place? Since people were saying this was a problem back in 2017 and no one from Evernote responded I feel I'm just shouting into the dark (which is the feeling I get from this forum).
  13. Sure. There are many omissions in v10, but this was annoying since my understand was it wouldn't change whereas other missing functionality - I believe - will reappear at some point.
  14. Forcing users to use their boot drives to store their offline storage is a bug (or just an awful, ill-thought out technical decision). With uploads of 10gb a month, that's expecting users to have boot drives of 120gb just for Everynote data. This means unless this changes it means the product quickly becomes unusable.
  15. I find people quoted across multiple books I'm reading, so I'd like to be able to filter on who said it so I can gather all their quotes together from multiple notes.
  16. How odd the a website isn't the same for all. Unless of course you're confusing my original puzzle, which is why the website doesn't display thumbnails and the windows version does. (and not the reverse).
  17. Yup, I did read that you'd written that before but that's not an option I have.
  18. I confess I gave up on trying to find where they've hidden the version number. Twenty-five years as a software developer isn't enough experience to work through their labyrinthine structure. I hate the web version but have to use it because the developers aren't good enough to have the local database anywhere other than everyone's boot drive.
  19. No, I just get Edit/Remove.
  20. Interesting, but not my experience. I just get links. I am also using Chrome.
  21. YouTube links preview in the Windows client, but not the web client.
  22. Yes, I've been using the code block. I use Evernote for a lot of actual code so I'd prefer to differentiate between code and quotations.
  23. I also make notes on books I'm reading and really need a quotebox.
  24. Hello all. Sorry for the delay. I did chat to support and they said there are no plans to move the database/files off of c drive. This isn't a technical decision. I believe it it's a commercial decision to stop anyone from getting anywhere near their 10gb/month limit.
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