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  1. After the update to Tasks, an overlay appeared in my left panel that covered the Notebooks tab. I've searched through all the options to make it go away, but it seems stuck there no matter what options I select.
  2. After updating to the new version of Evernote, whenever I paste a Youtube link, it reformats the text based link into a Youtube caption with image, removing the original text link as shown below. How can I stop it from doing that and show the original text based link instead? Thanks, Jason
  3. Before I updated my Evernote, it showed both Time and Date for Timestamps using Shift+Alt+D. e.g: 3/6/2021 6:52 PM After I updated my Evernote, it now shows only the Date for Timestamps using Shift+Alt+D. e.g: March 6, 2021 How can I get the old format back which include both Time and Date in a more compact format? I don't see any options to edit the Timestamp format. Thanks, Jason
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