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  1. I just cancelled my premium service after months and months of evernote failing to fix simple bugs. That felt great! You can do it too! You don't have to pay for mediocrity! Bye!
  2. I can assure you that reinstalling does not fix this problem. I tried this, deleting every file in the Library and it did not work. The scrolling distortion bug on Lion still persists. It was useful for wasting an hour of my time, though. How much do they pay you, by the way?
  3. I agree. I was thrilled with v4 came out on the iPhone thinking that finally, they'd hired competent expert iOs developers/designers. And it really is lightyears ahead of the former version. But the catch is that the team never polishes. If Panic software developed the OS-X client, it would be perhaps simpler but well thought-out and perfect. I suspect the company is too spread out platform-wise and will never attract or hire top talent for ios/osx or care enough to do so like a dedicated mac developer. Furthermore the rapid growth seems to prevent careful QA and thoughtful design.
  4. Yes! I asked for this long long ago. A button already exists on the windows version. Please add a simple strikethrough on the mac version...
  5. I don't know what your distortion looks like, but the problem most likely has to do with the new "elastic" scrolling in Lion. If you over-scroll, going past the boundaries, it happens for sure. Selecting another note and causing it to re-draw fixes it. Sometimes it just happens while scrolling normally or reversing directions mid-scroll... I'm really surprised such big bugs like this get out the door, so it makes me think it has to do with something obscure like hardware acceleration on older machines that the developers may not be using (I have a "Late 2008" unibody macbook pro with an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256MB, for what it's worth) Yet, I've never seen anything like it elsewhere, so unless there's some kind of funny custom openGL code that still seems unlikely. Again, surprised... Attached is an example of scrolling a note with an image. Hope it gets fixed soon--version 3 has been a veritable mine field.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by thumbnails of all the images? Would this mean you could have multiple thumbnails for a single note? Yeah, for example, I have a note in which I've clipped 10 images of different knives. In the current "thumbnail view" I'd see one thumbnail per note showing the top portion of the note, so I'd see the first image of 10. I'd like a mode where every image and attachment in every note was displayed and clicking on the image would open that note and maybe scroll to where it is. I use it quite extensively for clipping art and design to work off of, so it would be nice to have a "gallery" mode that lets me see a stream of all the content if that makes sense...
  7. I also vote to have all modes available in fullscreen. I live in evernote and find full screen mode to be tremendously useful especially with gestures, but think it is crippled to open multiple windows. Furthermore, why not use fullscreen to enable viewing thumbnails of *all* the images--not just thumbnails of each note which may include *one* of many images.
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