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  1. @PinkElephant - I and the many other folks on here, who want to be able to edit encrypted text - without having to first decrypt all of the encrypted text - really don’t cate about your opinion re what is appropriate or inappropriate to encrypt. And we don’t have to explain to you why we want to encrypt something and be able to edit it. All that matters is we bought into Evernote for this functionality and they removed it. EN needs to bring it back or risk losing numerous users. Your opinion on what should/shouldn’t be encrypted is completely irrelevant
  2. Thank you @agsteele for the advice + link to switch to EN legacy app --> https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314 A terribly dumb -- and sad -- move by EN. They had me for life, but now gotta look at other options
  3. Hey Evernote -- Get busy fixing this!! This is such a basic function. I just updated -- actually it's a downgrade (sadly!) as far as I'm concerned -- to v10.8.5 on Windows and discovering I can no longer edit encrypted text. What the $#%&! So now I have to decrypt the text and re-encrypt it?? Who decided that would be a good workflow?? I have been paying for Evernote "forever" and you mess up the one thing I use the tool for. And a staff person said 6 months ago that you're "working on it". Would hate to do it, but will have to go elsewhere if this doesn't get fixed soon. Looking up "alternatives to Evernote" now; and stopping my recommendations to others.
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