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  1. Thanks for your replies, Jefito. I appreciate it. Whether you were an employee or not wouldn't really be a concern of mine to be honest; I am somewhat angry but not at any one person, and I wouldn't seek to make any single person feel bad - employee or not. That wouldn't be fair on that person; the chance of me ever speaking to the person responsible is incredibly slight and I am well-aware of that. As such, if my posts come across as needlessly aggressive, then I apologise humbly for any offence. My intention is certainly not to threaten Evernote into faster support - indeed I strongly believe that no support is possible because my data is clearly and obviously gone, so such an effort would be quite futile. It is only out of wry intrigue, and a desire to be constructive, that I have filed a support request at all. I reiterate that I will update this thread with an appropriate climb-down in the apparently-improbable event that Evernote can retrieve my data. I will however be recommending against Evernote to friends, colleagues and peers - but only on the basis of the actual facts and experiences I have at my command, and only out of a desire that no-one else lose their data as I did. I don't believe in handling these matters silently because that would be to my detriment. By raising the issue publicly on other fora I have discovered that I am not alone in my experience, therefore I have learnt more about Evernote and in turn others can benefit from my experiences and indeed any counter-experiences so posted. But to reiterate, I don't believe in suffering in silence, and especially not as a customer - even a non-paying customer! To summarise then, if your experiences with Evernote are positive then I congratulate you and hope they continue in such a vein, but as a technology evangelist of sorts, I feel a duty to alert friends, colleagues and peers to what I feel is bad technology. If I save one person from losing their data, it is worth it - even if I have to take the tiniest amount of flak for speaking out! Again, thanks for your contributions, Jefito. By encouraging me to file a support case you have given Evernote the opportunity to state their piece, and that is only fair.
  2. Well, I have now. I will update this thread if and when Evernote confirms that my data is gone - and if this is because of user error, I'll own up. But I doubt I'll have to do that. Given that: * your *premium* support only offers a one-day turn around for such issues, which is pretty slow for the money you guys want; * *free* accounts get first-come-first-served support which will presumably be even slower; * the data is obviously gone, as it's not preserved in the Evernote folder on my SD card ...I'm not optimistic. But you know, Evernote just cost me two hours of my life, so I'm game - what's another couple of minutes?! Hell, it took that long to write the Reddit post! I look forward greatly to either an embarrassing climbdown on my part, or evangelising against your product as hard as I possibly can!
  3. From another thread: You know guys, if you can't reliably preserve the text entered and bugs like this are going to appear, then you can mess about with GPS and photos and other extended functionality all you want, and I will *still* be out there evangelising to people about how they shouldn't touch your product.
  4. Well, hopefully someone can help with this, because I'm most tempted to give up on Evernote now, once and for all. Using Evernote on my Asus Transformer, I took about two hours' worth of notes. The only data Evernote has preserved, however, is that which I had entered in the first half-hour. It has lost all my subsequent edits, it would seem - whether this was due to a lost Wifi connection or what, I don't know - although a lost Wifi connection would be no excuse for not preserving the data locally for subsequent upload. I have tried syncing Evernote from the tablet but it appears I have lost pages and pages of irreplacable notes. I note that no "force close" event or similar took place. So my questions are: 1) Where's my data gone? At no point did I hit any "please throw all my edits away" button or anything similar. If the data loss was caused by putting my tablet into standby, well, that's not good enough for my shopping list - never mind proper note-taking. 2) Is there a cache of the data on my tablet which can be somehow retrieved, and if not, why not?! How can Evernote *possibly* record data then throw it away without a 100% confirmation that it has been uploaded to the cloud successfully? 3) Why in the name of all that is good and holy, would I persist with a note-taking app which lost my edits *even once*? If I can't rely on Evernote 100% of the time, it's no use to me whatsoever. I was toying with the idea of upgrading to premium until this happened; now I am toying with the idea of abandoning Evernote, and telling everyone in my organisation and peer group not to touch the thing with two bargepoles tied together. Max Angry and frustrated Evernote user
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