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  1. ahem! Sharing Stack - Its a YES from me! This would be soooooo helpful Having posted a forum entry today (june 2013) and then discovering this thread thereafter I cannot believe this was being cryed out for back in 2011. As head of IT dept for a large research company, I use Evernote (separate account) at my organisation with Business features, we have about 45 staff with associated business accounts and this is one feature that would GREATLY improve our usability of the product. To be quite honest, if it wasnt for this limitation, then I would expect we'd probably have pushed though
  2. Hello all. I have been a EN user for a good two years now and would like to know if there is any method for me to share a root stack? My query comes as I have a group of users who all need the same access rights. At present, I need to share each notebook to that individual list of users - and again when a new notebook is created under the stack. If I could just share the stack then the permissions would be applied once and then all those users would get the changes/additions. Does anyone else have this query and if so, is there a method to make a feature request to the Evernote develop
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