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  1. Hi! I have the same problem here! I can't change business card information in the Evernote Desktop app. What is wrong? I change information, but it doesn't save it!
  2. Hi! I have tried the newest version of the iOS app and the problem is still present. When do you plan to fix it?
  3. Hi MCheng, I have checked the assignment again: Yes, in the Evernote the fields are correctly assigned and then I export. When I export to iCould account, everything is fine! I only have problems to export to my work Exchange account. I need to export to Exchange mainly. I have contacted the support. Yes, I also found adding more fields. Unfortunately this is only possible in the iPhone app. Since I correct the scanned data in the Mac app, I would find it great if I could add more fields in the Mac app. I like to automatic scan process in the newest iPhone app version!!
  4. Another question regards the recognized fields: Can I add another field on my own which is not on the card?
  5. I really like the new business card scanner in the iOS app, it comes very close to my ideal solution. After the scanning process I assign the right phone number fields (mobile, work, fax) in Evernote and when I export then the contact to my iPhone address book, these fields are mixed and have not the same assignment in my iPhone address book. Is this a bug? Could you fix it? I'm using Evernote in German, also my iPhone is in German.
  6. Is it possible to highlight text in normal notes? I thought that I have seen this feature in an announcement list, but I can't find it in the application.
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