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  1. Love Evernote, not interested in the competition thanks to your ability to cater to my needs quite intuitively without me having to think of options i might need myself in keeping my notes/admin but 1 feedback hard to find in trying to provide my feedback I had to search and user between 10-20 clicks to be able to come here and provide my feedback It might be an idea to provide a quick feedback option in a more centrally available place in the evernote personal environment. 2 link text in note creates hovering box when cursor flyover, very annoying when i put an http address link in a note, whenever i hover cursor over it, a floating box appears with the link repeated a bit under the original link text. When i have other text or space underneath it that I actually wanted to reach with my cursor, it becomes very annoying that I have to keep away with my mouse or try to avoid hovering over the link text in the first place, making it a real hassle to work efficiently within the note whenever I have a link text or more copied in it. 3 link warning for leaving evernote unnecessary in new tab on top, when i click on the link, it takes me to a new tab telling me i'll be leaving evernote, well, duh, why would i mind that in a new tab in the first place, that is fair warning if meant leaving my note environment, but that's still available in the original tab, so that also is unnecessary and creates extra clicks/actions. Thanks for taking note
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