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  1. Yes, this would be great. It was pretty good solved for Skitch, so the framework is alreday there inside Evernote, so I hope it's more or less just a matter of implementing it in Penultimate.
  2. Sorry, but I wasn't aware that I actually can change the notebook on iOS. But as above says, it does not stick all the time. I have tried five times now and actually it does not stick at all.
  3. Hi I really love the new integration between Skitch and EN, but for me it is not logical to store all Skitch-notes to the same notebook, since I do not treat the Skitch-notes otherwise than other notes. I want to keep Skitch-notes together with other notes of the same topic. I would also love to be able to tag directly from Skitch. This applies to all platforms of course
  4. Please give it a go here: http://www.henrikeidemkurka.net/guider/EverPhoto.html Feedback much appreciated. Especially from people who knows more about AppleScript and HTML than I do :-)
  5. Hi. Yes I do, so I'll write some instructions and post a link here later. I'll also send you an email in case you don't follow this forum that much
  6. Hi Since like to have some photos stored in Evernote as a part of a diary, but never liked the bulky way Evernote presents the photos in a note, I am in progress of creating an AppleScript that can take photos and format them nicely (HTML) and store them in a Note. In case other people might be interested too, here are my ideas so far, and please let me know if you'd like to see other functionality: * Name of notebook can be configured * Photos are added to a note named after the text in the Headline metadata tag (I use this because I use this field to group photos together, like "Summer vacation 2011"). If the tag is not present, the note will be named YYYY-MM-DD after the photo capture date * If the note named as above already exists, the current photo will be added to that note. Otherwise a new note will be created * All tags in all photos in a note will be added to the note (i.e If two photos tagged "tag1" and "tag2" are added to the same note, the note will get both tags "tag1" and "tag2". * The photo's Description/Caption is extracted and can be added to the note (depending on the html you use) * The same goes for the photo's Title * The html to use for the photo can be stored in the script but a separate script than the main logic. By doing this, you can easily add different html-templates using the same main logic. * The create-timestamp of the note will be the same as for the first photo added to the note I set the script as an export action in Lightroom, so I can export photos directly from Lightroom into Evernote But you can of course use drag/drop, folder actions etc. See some examples here (since I'm no HTML expert, all use the same html template). Press the detail button to see more info. http://www.evernote....381960db760a034 http://www.evernote....08287fef4f18cd1 http://www.evernote....accee06be727f7a Let me know if you have any ideas or if this is something you would like to get when it's done. -H-
  7. Thanks for pointing out that this has been asked before. I agree that to fully implement all possible features related to custom properties (or whatever one might call it) is quite a big task, but just adding this feature to their database and allowing access via api should perhaps not be that big effort. But since it has been brought up before, and EN is not showing any interest, I should perhaps not have too high hopes
  8. I would like to be able to add custom properties to a note or perhaps to a folder (so that the properties applies to all notes within that folder). For example, I would like to keep track of books I read, and need a start and end date, along with some various rating properties. By having this functionality, it is possible to programatically use Evernote as a simple database where it is possible to search and filter on various properties. I know that the book-example could be achieved by using the added- and updated-date as dates and keywords as ratings, but I do not want to rely on this, since the update date easily changes. Adding custom properties gives Evernote an enormous advantage that I don't think other note applications have. For example - you want to keep control of your weight? Add a custom property with "weight" and any application that can read notes can produce a graph without having to parse raw text in the note body. I think that in the first incarnation of this functionality (assuming you will implement it ), I think access to the properties can be via API only (I'm currently on AppleScript), but it would of course be great to be able to add this info using the clients too. Please consider!
  9. I tries to create a html document using applescript that uses the <figure> tag, but evernote seems to ignore it. It appears the same thing happens when I copy-paste a webpage with this tag. If this is true, is it by design or a bug? If bug will it be fixed? Thanks for a great product!
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