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  1. OK, so Skitch was the one tool I had to "snap Safari" and get an exact view of a webpage. Now that I've installed this "upgrade" to 2.0, I have no way of doing this for an entire webpage. The old Evernote clipper for Safari did it perfectly as a PDF. WHAT is the proper way to do this now? The Evernote Web Clipper *almost* gets it right, but is missing some CSS and stuff.
  2. I really hope they're at least able to add this to the dropdown menu in the Apple menu bar. I'll take anything at this point.
  3. I don't see why they can't just add this feature to the Evernote App? If Skitch can "Snap Safari" ... why not just move the old plugin's feature into the App itself. Should be possible, no? Some sort of work around would at least be nice in the meantime.
  4. My feedback is the following — What made the extension good before was the PDF clipping's ability to make an almost perfect saved copy of a page, with highlightable/searchable text. This feature was phenomenal. Now, we've lost nearly all of that functionality. This extension is a great start, but even the Chrome extension goofs up some CSS and produces missing images in the background or foreground in some instances. This is not okay. I'm really frustrated because even using Skitch to "snap Safari" doesn't render a PDF like before. Can't you guys just add this feature to Evernote itself?? "Snap Safari as PDF" or something? That way I wouldn't even need an Extension .. I could just use the Evernote menu in the menubar, or the App itself.
  5. Have you tried saving the Skitch file as a PDF? Click on the arrow next to .jpg above the Drag Me tab to change the file format to .pdf. Lew Hmm, I have now ... but it makes no difference. I also just installed the Beta extension for Safari ... but it's not saving background colors of elements nor all of the content at once. Kind of a shame, the PDF clipper via right-click before was the best thing ever.
  6. Printing/saving to PDF breaks it into pages and adds a half inch margin. You're right though, Skitch does do an almost perfect job! Thanks for this. The one thing missing would be the ability to highlight text or search it, which the PDF offers but not Skitch'ed JPEGs. So I'm still hoping for the final extension.
  7. This is the only feature I use in Evernote, and without it I'm at a major loss. I know that Evernote didn't plan for Apple to remove Plugin support, but an Extension is mandatory for my continued use of this product. This is something I (as well as many others) pay for and I've yet to find a suitable replacement function to even hold me together in the meantime. The closest thing I've found is Google Chrome's clipping as a PDF ... which does a perfect job *except* that it doesn't include some images from the page for me, for some reason. I can't figure this out, but with gaps in the pages these screencaps are useless. Please help, seriously. I've been at a huge loss since Safari 5.1 and I've been making manual notes of the things I need to clip later. EDIT: Yes, I was quite excited to see the new 3.0.1 version... but I don't see an Extension included.
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