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  1. He's already opened a support case, which I don't see a response to after these instructions were sent. (Lots of other people have sent "Thanks, that worked great!")

    I think the issue is there's two "Share" places. It's kind of confusing, and when I was testing this myself to write those instructions, it took me a while before I got it to work.

    The First "Share" is within Preferences (where you hit the "minus" button and remove your account.)

    Then, after you completely quit Skitch, from File->Quit at the upper left-hand menubar, you relaunch it from the dock and the "Share" button will be in the Right-hand portion of the main Skitch window.

    It will then give you a big login screen, where the "Evernote" and "Old Skool" options reside.

    Another issue is that after performing these steps, if you click through the other Share thing (under Preferences) to "Personalize" your account on skitch.com, you will still be listed as username "skitch" "unnamed-xsif". However, when you "Share" an image, it will upload to the correct account.

    Heather, your instructions worked. I was able to log in with my old Skitch account and correctly associate it. When you said "It's kind of confusing", it certainly is. I don't think there's anyway for an end user to know that there's 2 different Share options in 2 completely separate places unless they are 1) the person(s) who wrote Skitch, and/or 2) you, and/or 3) the person(s) who reads your post in this thread.

    At least I finally got Skitch working again for me. Thank you for explaining the change in detail.

  2. Please ensure you are running the latest Skitch App available from the Mac Appstore - as it does have those options.

    Please also ensure that once you delete your account with the "-" button, you fully quit the application before relaunching.

    The version of Skitch that the Mac App Store has is 1.0.7, the same version that I'm running.

    Quit Skitch several times. Same results.

    Right now I can't use the Skitch that I *paid* for. At this point I'm pretty frustrated and mad that Evernote took a program that I use extensively and *own* and effectively made it inoperable in a race to brand it with the Evernote name. Pretty bad customer service if you ask me.

  3. Best bet is to open a support case - I know they are having to do some shenanigans behind the scenes with a few accounts.

    That might be the best thing to do. Heather - an Evernote employee - responded to my post with trying out those 2 other options under Share, but as I said, those options aren't there. I'm guessing a new Skitch client needs to be pushed out to include those new options.

    Thanks for responding.

  4. Go to Skitch preferences > Share

    Select and use the '-' button in the lower right to delete the Skitch share account

    Quit and relaunch Skitch

    Press the Share button, and choose either the "Evernote" or the 'I'm old Skool' option, depending on whether you wish to login with your Skitch.com or your Evernote credentials.

    After signing in, Press the Share button again.

    I got an email from you folks with the exact same advice, but there is no "Evernote" or "I'm old Skool" option.

  5. Hi,

    I have an existing Skitch account which I paid for and have been using skitch.com to share my pics.

    For various reasons, I had to uninstall/reinstall Skitch via the Mac app store. I'm attempting to fill in my userid/password in the Share tab of Skitch, but there seems to be a problem selecting skitch.com in the pulldown. When I do this, it says I'm using an anonymous account and offers to send me to skitch.com to create an account. But I already have one there. There's no way for me to associate my existing logon info with the new Share dialog box in Skitch. It seems that the Skitch/Evernote integration has hosed something up.

    Any ideas how I can get the Skitch app to recognize my skitch.com app?


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