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  1. I've been an Evernote Premium user for nearly 10 years. Recent changes/upgrades to the application have diminished its value to me. The lack of scripting support for automation (this issue) is one as well as the ongoing bug where after a day or so all notes show as blank and the only solution is to close and relaunch the application. Evernote has been great but the current iteration and future direction of the product is not aligned to my needs. I'm investigating alternatives and may just create something for myself.
  2. Hello everyone. I want to +1 this issue as it has been happening to me on two different Macs. One running Catalina and one running High Sierra. I've been a premium subscriber since it was a thing. Years and years. This is a very frustrating bug and as a daily use Evernote user, I'm probably quitting the app at least every day or two to have my content be visible.
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