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  1. Thanks for the tip!! Unfortunately it seems it's not solving it for me. I'll keep trying.
  2. Just curious if anyone had a similar problem... I downloaded and installed, but now it doesn't allow me to sign in. It either enters a frozen loop or says "you cannot sign at the moment. This is likely caused by a bad connection to the internet"... any ideas?
  3. Just curious...anyone had any bad experience with the apkmirror download? I've been stoically waiting for Evernote to sort out things, but in vain... things are not getting better (at all). Thus for now the only way seems to be to try the downgrade. Thanks for any comment. P.s.: At least while Notion has no offline option and Joplin has no widgets and some reduced functionality.
  4. Hi and thanks for the reply! That seems useful. What kind of risks are involved in this kind of download?
  5. It is fundamentally unacceptable, please let's demand that we can go back to the previous version:
  6. Dear people at Evernote, I guess you have read the comments on the Google Play App. An immense amount of the community of Android Evernote users is deeply frustrated with the recent Android upgrade. I won't start listing all the negative points which have been ruined concerning the usability we relied upon on the previous version (you can have a look at the list yourself). Can you please help us all and just go back to the previous version? We would be thankful if you just admit the mistake and do this, it would be a noble thing to do for all of these loyal customers. Or at least provide a way for people who would like to go back to the previous version to do this? Thanks very much and kind regards.
  7. Dear People, Please, is there a way to downgrade to the previous version on Android? There should be a way. This is shameful. As everyone seems to be pointing out. EVERYTHING good about the previous Android version is gone. Widget that allows you to see the latest notes at a glance: Gone Quick access to anything: Gone [ANY ACTION NOW TAKES 7 SECONDS!!!, just to be able to read a note] Quick photo-scanning operationality: Gone Clear, easy to read design: Gone [The new font/general design is extremely clumsy and takes so much space...] Any hint...?
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