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  1. Well, they sure got the Evernote logo right - it's certainly slow as an elephant.
  2. Its been a solid 8 year run on Evernote premium, the new app is so slow and so terrible they forced my hand. I finally spent half my weekend exporting all my notes to Apple Notes and now couldn't be happier. It does exactly what I want: Takes notes, works across all my devices, loads instantly, doesn't interrupt my workflow with stupid announcements about a "new version coming soon". No bugs, No missing notes requiring me to restart the app. Just works. It even has an encrypted note feature! Thank you Apple. Now I've discovered Evernote make it impossible to delete my account for good. Their own documentation about how to delete your account is now no longer accurate so i've had to contact support just to have my account deleted. It's baffling to me that all they had to do was to not mess up the notes app and they managed to mess it so bad that someone as lazy as me finally moved off it. Yikes
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