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  1. Let me correct my post slightly. The page lists all of the note stacks, and to the far right each has its own three-dot menu that, when hovered over, says "more actions". It's a pretty cool page. You can expand the note stacks to see the notebooks, you can expand the notebooks to see the notes, and they all have a corresponding "more actions" menu.
  2. How to get to "the Notebook Page": In the left panel, the folder that contains all notebooks and note stacks is labeled "Notebooks". Clicking on that folder brings you to a completely different page (there is no View > Notebooks in my version of Evernote 10.9.10 on Mac). This page lists all the notebooks and at the far right is a three-dot "more" menu. That is where you can rename the stack.
  3. Try clicking on the three dots in the middle pane (select the note first). There is a menu item: "Rename notebook"
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