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  1. Hello Evernote I've been dealing with an issue and am trying to see if there is a workaround. I noticed that whenever evernote saves a note, in case a sentence begins with a space, it gets converted into a a break space unicode character (U+40). See attached picture where I can see the hidden unicodes. Even if I convert it into a space, on save, it gets converted into the same unicode character, which is slightly annoying. Can you advise if there is a workaround? Thank you
  2. Same issue here. Slightly annoying. Right clicking has at least a 5s delay
  3. Good to know! I pretty much only use checklists on tables so this would be awesome
  4. Hello Evernote I love that you can now configure certain hotkeys. Even better, that you can have a quick look at which ones there are available. However, it's very lamentable that we cannot change the actual Keyboard Shortcuts. I have a Portuguese keyboard and it's rather annoying that I need to switch to an English keyboard to type Ctrl + / Any plans to allow us to change the hotkey combination?
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