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  1. Its 2021 and my notes won't open! I have an android s9. My phone got an automatic update to version 10.6. I see the notes in the list, but when I click on a note- it won't populate and is blank! I've had this since 2011 and was thinking about going premium, but what the heck! I tried to see if I could un-install the update - but that's not an option. I read this update was for Android 10 and up. Please help fix this! I'm not wanting to upgrade my phone just for this app to work! Ugh.
  2. Help! 25 Feb 2021. Evernote updated to version 10.5 overnight. I am using it on Android. Can see notes in notebook, but when I click on them they are blank. I see that this has been a problem for months. Is it fixed yet? Can I get rid of this "update"? Help asap please!
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