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  1. hmm ok i guess deleting all notes and syncing would just dlelet everything on the server uh? ok submitted ticket thanks for the advice
  2. Hi evryone i use Evernote on OS X Lion 10.7.1 and i encountered a bug i think. Reinstalling, getting the latest Beta and rebooting and so on didn´t worked and since i couldn't find this issue listed somewhere i dare to post it here. Ok now the problem: In Snippetview (the other views seem unaffected) if i scroll the text of a note further than its actual size, than first it seems fine but if i let go(when these bounce back should occur like in mail) or scroll back the view for the text gets messed up. It seems that the last visible Pixels get stretched down the entire view or it goes blank. I hope u know a trick to solve this or the description helps u fix it. I really like to work with Evernote on the MacBook and syncing with my iPhone. And I'm happy to see how fast u are adapting to Lion. Ah and btw i like the grey buttons ;P
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