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  1. Thanks for the replies. In fact the problem is that it would be useful to automatically open the tag in the hierarchy on the left (or put it as an option for those who want it). I have over 300-400 tags and too much valuable time is wasted searching with the filter. In the legacy version it was much easier and more logical. It is also for this reason that I still use the older version. I forgot to mention that tags are organized according to a nested hierarchy. They are not in alphabetical order.
  2. How can I jump to the right note tag of the taglist on the left by clicking on the little triangle of the tag (how it was in the legacy version? But now it's gone in version 10?). I've set all the notes hierarchically with tags, but I struggle to find where the right tag (assigned to the note) is nested in the list. Thanks for help, I miss this important feature (for my work) of the legacy version ....
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