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  1. Thanks! I'm a mac user but your suggestions led me to try control-clicking the notebook, which brings up a menu of options including deleting the notebook and removing it from the stack.
  2. Another issue I forgot to add: how do I delete a notebook? I moved all of the notes out of a particular notebook that I don't need anymore, but there does not seem to be any option for deleting the notebook itself.
  3. I accidentally created a stack by moving one notebook onto another. Now, I can't seem to get rid of the stack or get the notebook out of the stack. I did some quick searching and it seemed that people were suggesting that you can get rid of a stack by dragging the notebook out of the stack. But it won't let me drag the notebook out--whenever I drag the notebook,it only gives me the option of dragging it onto another notebook (thereby creating another stack.) If I drag it anywhere else, it just goes back to its place. (Incidentally, this whole problem began when I was trying to move notebooks into a different order--something else evernote does not seem to allow me to do--and instead it created a stack.) Any thoughts would be great. Thanks in advance.
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