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  1. The Outlook button gives also an error message. Obviously the Windows version 4.6 messed up the Evernote background service. Please fix this faulty version asap or give us a link to the old - perfectly working - version.
  2. Today I have installed the update of Evernote 4.6 for Windows (XP) and now the Firefox Clipper 5.4 does not work anymore. I always get the the message "Evernote is not installed correctly. Please reinstall Evernote and clip again." I have already reinstalled Evernote for Windows, the Firefox plugin and did several reboots - no change.
  3. Okay, I located the Evernote plugin file and deleted it manually. Now it is finally gone!
  4. There is some auto-re-install going on. When I open Safari (after removing the icon in Safari before) it is gone first, but a second later it appears again as the first icon on the left side in the bar. It is also still in the configuration dialog of the Safari toolbar. There must be a way to remove these external buttons in the Safari toolbar completely!
  5. No, that was what I meant with my second point in the list. Didn't work. Are these buttons in Safari hidden files somewhere, that I could delete manually?
  6. This damn Evernote icon in Safari is appearing every time I open Safari 5.1. I tried: - Selecting / de-selecting the option in the settings of the Evernote app - Manually removing the icon in Safari - Uninstalling Evernote (inkl. all plist files and folders in Library) Still, every time I open Safari 5.1, the Evernote icon is there again. I am really not interested in Evernote at all and I deeply regret trying out this software. But please, please help me to get rid off this f*ing icon!
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