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  1. No, it is actually not heavily developed! The last update was in January - no support for iOS 12, no support for the new iPads and of course no support for Pencil 2. It does not even support Pencil 1! Yes, I used Penultimate for years, but that was before Apple made the iPad a "real" note taking device by releasing the iPad Pro and Pencil in 2015. Penultimate and Evernote were never really updated for the iPad Pro and its possibility for taking hand written notes in a never before seen quality. I am pretty sure you don't have an iPad Pro and a Pencil and you never used one, right?

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  2. I know there was never a proper update to support the "old" Pencil and handwriting notes in Evernote for iOS is not really supported anyway, but wouldn't the release of the new iPad Pros and the great new Pencil be good reasons to finally make Evernote suitable for note taking on iPads? I mean you could start by just supporting Pencil 2 (double tap) and then step-by-step include full support for handwriting notes. Any plans?

  3. Evernote for iOS behaves differently than Evernote for Windows or Evernote for macOS when displaying transparent pictures. It uses a black background instead of a white background. This causes a big problem for the new handwriting functionality of Apple Notes in iOS 11. If you export a handwritten note of Apple Notes via sharing to Evernote, the resulting note in Evernote will be a picture with black text on black background. So it's unreadable.

    Could you please make the background white for pictures with transparency in Evernote for iOS like it is in the other versions of Evernote?

  4. On 23.9.2017 at 4:35 AM, inchi_oyes said:

    Only after setting a reminder the app permits you write something...

    Yes, it is not possible to add a normal note. How is it even possible to release such an update? It was obviously not tested, not even once. But even worse: There is no immediate update to fix this fundamental error. I wonder if Evernote is even noticing this as obviously nobody at Evernote is actually using their own Watch app.

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  5. 11 minutes ago, sa3oud said:

    I also just discovered that with GoodNotes you can select your handwritten text, and it will convert it into typed text. You can then use the share button to import into Evernote.

    Yes, but it is not needed. As I said, the normal PDF that is generated by GoodNotes contains the graphics of the writing AND the text. That's why the text of the handwritten PDF from GoodNotes is searchable in Evernote.

  6. 6 minutes ago, gazumped said:

    Thanks for the headsup!  Good looking app - would like to try it out but the Play store says it's incompatible with my Note 4 :(

    I think this thread is still about a replacement of Penultimate and handwriting with Apple Pencil. So per definition not for Android.


    I tried Notability and GoodNotes and I think GoodNotes is currently the best Penultimate replacement. It includes a handwriting indexing and the exported PDFs include the recognized text as well, so they are searchable in Evernote. But of course the actual exporting of each note(book) to Evernote needs many taps. I really hope Penultimate is not completely dead and Evernote will come up with a update with complete Pencil support.

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  7. On 19.6.2017 at 2:00 PM, DTLow said:

    My preference is the Noteability app.  It supports a blend of typing, handwriting, and sketching

    I'm also looking at Goodnotes which has an OCR feature

    I'm not concerned much with automatic syncing.  The share menu makes it easy to save into Evernote in native or pdf format

    But handwriting in PDFs is not recognized and indexed in Evernote, right? I could go with Notability, but what's the point of uploading manually each note to Evernote if it is not even searchable?

  8. 44 minutes ago, gazumped said:

    Hi.  I think most folks use alternative apps now,

    But which one? My understanding is that no third party app offers automatic syncing with Evernote (since the restriction on the API was introduced in 2012). So what is the intended way of taking handwritten notes (with Apple Pencil) in Evernote? Sketches within Evernote? Penultimate? Another app?

  9. There were no updates of Penultimate for a year now although there are lots of open issues:

    • Insufficient support for Apple Pencil: It is still possible to leave marks with the hands. The input should be Pencil only - like it is in GoodNotes - to avoid any unwanted marks.
    • Leaving the app (to the homescreen, to another app) and going back will bring you always to another page of the current note. Very annoying!
    • Lasso cut & paste leaves marks.

    But on the other hand the functionality of Penultimate is not integrated fully in Evernote. So is there any future for Penultimate? Will there be any further updates? With the new iPad Pros and iOS 11 Apple Pencil became essential for note taking. As a subscriber of Evernote Premium I would like to know what is the answer of Evernote to this development.


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  10. On 26.9.2016 at 1:16 PM, gazumped said:

    Hi.  This is the sum total of my knowledge on this -

    There was a known fault in the early version of Evernote for Apple Watch in that Search returned no hits.

    This question is obviously NOT about this issue. It is about completely empty notes. And this is related to the fact, that the Evernote app does not work with watchOS 3! Notes are empty and a search crashes the app immediately. Evernote needs to release an urgent fix or at least a statement about it. But instead: Silence, nothing, just ignoring all complains. Maybe they are no longer interested in the Apple Watch.

  11. 12 hours ago, David_Low said:

    Would you really use Evernote for a whole page of handwriting.

    Yes, I would and I actually do every day. It is really like a real writing pad. A white paper and a pen - what do you need more? All the additional functionalities of other note taking apps are needed because of the problems with those finger-like pens. E. g. why would anyone need a zoom functionality on a normal paper with a normal pen?

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  12. I find the current simple stylus selection adequate for a quick sketch. You'd properly want something with a finer point for more detailed work, but I don't think EN is the product for that.

    I think this thread is about handwriting. Evernote is perfect for taking notes via handwriting - but ONLY on the iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. Works great - unless a full page of handwritten notes was lost because Evernote had not saved it.

  13. Now there was an update, but there is still no saving in the background! You have to close the handwriting panel in order to save it. That's just not feasible. In a meeting you don't want to constantly close and re-open your notes every minute just to make sure your notes are not lost.


    Could someone from Evernote please notice that this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed?

  14. Maybe on the iPad Pro it is no need of palm rejection, but on other devices the handwriting is pretty useless without a decent palm rejection and a zooming function.

    I would say handwriting is pretty useless on the other iOS devices, because there is no useable pen. These pens are all just artificial fingers. I own nearly all (Adonit, Bamboo, etc.), but none felt like a real pen. Apple Pencil is the first useable handwriting device for the iPad.

    But anyway, without an automatic save functionality, it is not useable in Evernote anyhow. I hope they come up with a fix to this very soon.

  15. Handwriting in Evernote is really made for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. No need for palm rejection or zoom, it is just perfect as it is with Apple Pencil.

    BUT there is a huge issue: The new drawing screen is not automatically saved in the background! You have to close the screen manually to get the content saved. I lost a whole page of notes because my screen locked and after I unlocked the iPad Evernote was shut down (maybe iOS ended it or it crashed, I don't know). None of the notes I took over 20 minutes were saved!

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  16. In regards to the lost data, that shouldn't have happened. We can handle very large PDF files, so 180 pages, especially if they were just text and some simple images, shouldn't have been an issue.

    Did you try the file I sent you a link to? This "large" file couldn't be handled and created a loop of copies in Skitch.

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