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  1. Same installer 2723/bootstrapper errors as everyone else. Every day it offers to update, every day it fails. Tried the Revo thing - still happening.
  2. So the first I hear about this is when I try to login and have to reset my password. Nothing about the reason on the reset screen at all, and then suddenly I read about it on BBC News. No email? Nothing on the password reset screen? Stay classy, Evernote...
  3. Indeed it has. Many, many times in many many threads over the course of the years. They keep promising it, and I keep checking back to see if Evernote is a viable option for me yet, but still nothing comes. How hard can one database flag be to implement?! And think of all the terabytes of unwanted traffic that would be saved. So, for now, Evernote remains nothing more than a screenshot-taker, while Dropbox and Google Drive - with their powers of selective sync - remain the choice for my small SSD-based palmtop and limited-speed internet connection.
  4. In the thread titled How do I NOT sync certain notebooks, apart from cancel premium? I said: to which Metrodon (2876 posts) replied quite robustly and with some certainty: Incidentally, Heather's "pretty clear position" on syncing clients with limited drive space, low bandwidth, and presumably large accounts like yours is.. don't use the client. I don't see anything there, or subsequent, that suggests Evernote have any intention or implementing selective sync. Far from it; the suggestion is just to use the web version.
  5. Would it be easier if, like Dropbox, you could choose which, if any (or all) folders you wanted to sync? Do you NEED that entire 12Gb over all those devices? Each time I've made this suggestion (many times now!) people come out with stuff like "but adding selective sync would be FAR too expensive", as if added an extra 1 byte flag in the database would take a skilled team of programmers weeks, vs all the complaints about slow initial sync and all the hundreds of unwanted terabytes being downloaded to devices and using bandwidth.
  6. If I'm logged in to evernote in the browser, then yes. However, if I go incognito or try another machine, I see the same as anyone else not logged in would see and has apparently been seeing since last week. Which is this: See the problem now?
  7. Not sure I follow all or any of that. OK, OS is Windows 7. I see you're in Vista; follow this through, see if you get the same. Open evernote PressWIN+PRT-SCR, you get the clipper. Clip your image and go to evernote. Right click on the new clip; This give you: https://www.evernote...586b185be49c5eb No good for pasting in forums, and it gives away your evernote username; a big no-go. So then you right click on the image and choose "copy image location" and then use that. Or you used to be able to, but now it's been blocked. Now I have to do the same evernote clip, but select SHIFT to save to dekstop, then drag to http://min.us. For me, it's no big problem, but it's taking users away from the EN ecosystem... Does that all make sense now?
  8. Hmmm, this kind of endorses my point, especially with the image sharing changes, it's just easier, quicker and better to use other things to do many of the things I COULD use Evernote for.It's getting to be a crowded market out there; EN started well with some great clients, but they now really need to start listening to their customers to keep their share, let alone gaining new customers and converting them to pro.
  9. I don't think that should be a problem, because Evernote only syncs *changes*. Given that the title of this topic is "Long *initial* sync times", I can't see how that would make a difference here. Wouldn't that rather defeat the object of wanting to store stuff in the cloud to make it available everywhere? I've already GOT the facility to store music, images and music locally - it's called my hard drive.Incidentally, interesting that you're using Dropbox for the link in your sig and not evernote... any particular reason? Not a criticism, just interested.
  10. I've griped about this at least twice before, but might the problem not be exacerbated by the fact that evernote FORCES you to sync all your data before you can upload a tiny note on, say, a new or temporary laptop or machine? How many terabytes of data do you think are floating about, unwanted and unused, because Evernote won't do what dropbox and others do, which is offer a "selective sync" option? I know the suggested workaround is to have a load of different accounts, but, really.. that defeats the object of Evernote, doesn't it? My point being, if you multiply Evernote's centrally available bandwidth by all the gazillions of gigabytes of note data being synched that people don't actually want, surely that's going to have an impact on overall system speed?
  11. GRRR! That was NOT the topic title I used! Totally changes the topic meaning. Anyway... CTRL-PRINTSCREEN, select area, grab, right click "get sharing link", paste in browser, sharing page opens, right click on image, "copy image URL", paste as normal image into forums. Until around Wednesday, that was working just fine. Now it's not. I don't see how a third party comes into this?
  12. Just been getting messages from people on forums saying "I can't see the graph you posted" or "what happened to your images". Turns out that Evernote seem to have quietly turned off image linking. Now the only option is to link to the Evernote page which not only doesn't allow hotlinking, but shows my Evernote username. A big no-no! Apart from the extra step of "right click, copy image link", Evernote made screen clipping really easy. So now I've had to move to a Google chrome extension and min.us. A bit of a PITA to have to go back and replace the most important images with min.us versions; some notice would have been nice. As far as I can tell, it was working just fine until middle of last week. In addition to this latest thing, when I found it wasn't possible to selectively sync folders, I had to quit my premium subscription in favour of Dropbox. It's a shame, I thought Evernote was going to be my "home for everything", but being forced to sync 2Gb over a slow connection to a full SSD to sync one text note made that a no-go, and Evernote lost the pro revenue. So, yes, I'll still be using Evernote as a glorified note-taker, but it seems that Evernote actually seem to be finding reasons for people to NOT use it or buy a pro subscription.
  13. So I gave Evernote a break for a few months, give it time to get some bug fixes and essential features I found easier and better ways of doing things: dropbox for files, Google docs for OCRing and indexing my scans*. So I download the beta onto my little palmtop with 8Gb SSD on our 2Mb rural broadband and guess what? The damn thing starts trying to sync gigs of data again! So, it's either: make a second evernote account for screenshots and have the annoyance of having to sign in and out OR ... delete the couple of GB of audio clip uploads (the 3rd party "voice2note" never worked properly anyway, most notes weren't transcribed, waste of money) and only use evernote for little notes. I have a feeling it'll be the latter but before I do that.... Evernote must know how much call there is for selecting folder synching (google it) - how hard can it be? If Dropbox can manage it, why can't evernote? Is there ANY plan to offer this much-requested feature? I see evernote is hiring, perhaps someone experienced at coding could be asked about this? OR.. I'd be happy to use the webclient until the desktop client is out of beta and production ready, but the evernote screengrabber is pretty good. On my old PC before I removed evernote, there was a thing in the start menu called "clipper", now I've installed on the laptop, it's not there. I just want to upload 10 or 11 screen grabs each day without having to download 3 GB or so of data. (*Re: OCR of uploaded scans: Same question I asked before: what's the point of having image recognition in evernote if the text isn't beside the note?!?)
  14. Quite, and I think that's a real shame and poor design. Anyway, I've just cancelled premium, so hopefully, if the FAQ and docs are to be understood, after midnight tomorrow I'll be able to install the desktop app again. I was a bit disappointed that when I cancelled, they didn't want any feedback. Most "optional premium" services ask "was it something we did" or "how can we improve".
  15. Ah. Right. Major stumbling block there then! As I say, clearly in early beta if no-one's thought what a problem that might be (3 computers, 1 slow country broadband, 30Gb monthly allowance - gulp!) But (and just to check this) by cancelling "pro" and just keeping under the lower upload quota, it WON'T do this damn syncing thing once my "pro" account is cancelled, correct?
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