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  1. Hi. I am setting up a new computer and the program size of Evernote is MUCH larger than the install on my older computer. Both computers are Windows 10. On the previous laptop (Asus) the Evernote program file is 314MB (version, when I check for an update, I am informed that there are no updates), but on the newer laptop (Lenovo) the install was 857MB (I think it was version 10.8.4). I uninstalled Evernote on the newer laptop, before logging in, because this seemed excessive and have now been looking at Evernote alternatives (after over ten years of using Evernote and being mostly happy with it). I don't know if it is the newer version (I can't find a link to install the 6.25 version to test this out) or the computer, it would be great to understand what is going on before making the full switch to a program like Joplin - which seems almost identical to Evernote, except a very small amount of backend knowhow is needed. Thank you!
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