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  1. The reason is because Microsft is slow. There is already OneNote Mobile for iPhone and soon they will make for Android. That is not the point. I prefer Evernote. I think being able to type anywhere in the page, like OneNote might be a problem to view in any platform, but see the list of notes, just title without fragments is not a problem. That could be implemented no? I've seeing in the forum other users asking for the same feature.
  2. I agree. Please add a simple Title view only. I don't want to see those fragments. Or better, just add notes on the tree view of the notebooks (first panel). That would be just perfect! Notebooks and below the notes inside them. There is no need to add a new panel just to show the notes. The Hierarchy panel is enough.
  3. I would like to have the view mode (list) but in 3 columns instead of vertically. The view modes are very limited. Like fragments would be perfect, but without the fragments. I just want to see the titles. It's hard to adapt for someone that came from MS OneNote. I also miss being able to type anywhere in the paper, not only in lines, like Word. I would like to type freely in any part of the note. I also miss being able to put little marks on the text, like an email icon, or phone icon. That helps a lot to keep organized. And in Evernote the best I can do is use bold, italic, etc. If there are already solutions to those problems, please advise.
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