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  1. Agreed--without an eraser this app just lost it's usefulness. I understand simplicity, but no eraser? Its like saying you can only delete entire sentences instead of individual letters....no thanks. (The "fill" option I am less concerned about, but that also seems unwise to omit)
  2. Hi all--I've dug around for at least 20 minutes...that's usually my saturation point before posting to a forum! :shock: I am using Chrome on Mac OS 10.6.8. I am using the "new" version of Evernote (i.e. I see the "use old version" button). Relatively new user. I know that merging notes is supposed to be supported (I certainly hope so!), but I just cant seem to do it. Here's what i've tried: Selecting multiple notes (using the Command key), then right clicking and looking for a "merge" command. I get the 'standard' chrome right click options...i.e. nothing specific to Evernote, other than the "clip to Evernote" or "new note" options. Selecting mutliple notes (again, using the Command key), then trying Command + Shift + M. All that does is minimize the window. Supposedly I should be able to select the notes I want to merge, then click the "edit" button and there should be a merge command. Well, as soon as I select more than one note, the option to Edit dissapears. Please help! Thank you.
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