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  1. This is my first year doing Nano. I have my characters more-or-less fleshed out, and I have a premise for the story, but I don't really know where it will go after the first few scenes. Hahah. The guy who started Nanowrimo wrote a book called No Plot? No Problem!, and one of the things he suggests doing is making two lists: one for things you like in stories and would be good to include, and one for things you dislike in stories and would like to avoid including in yours. So I did that in Evernote. I also have, as aforementioned, plenty of visual references - one for the setting/environment,
  2. I really didn't know which of the lifestyle forums to put this in, so if this isn't the right one I apologize. So anyway, who else here is going to use Evernote to write a novel in November? I've got a whole notebook dedicated to character notes, visual references, etc. - and of course, come November 1st, I'll be doing the actual novel-writing in Evernote too. Now, the version of Evernote I'm using (the Mac one) doesn't have a wordcount feature, so I'll have to c/p to Google Docs to keep track of my progress. But it's good to have backups in more than one place anyway.
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