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  1. Owh, so you did see those posts 😉 OK, is there any info on how to get the Legacy version running somewhere maybe?
  2. Hello, I'm using more and more Evernote, it is a nice app BUT it seems that we are not getting heard about the forced colour dictatorship by the Evernote team. It is for some time now and I've read quite some requests from users which all seem to disagree. with the decision to remove the option to add custom colours. Why in the Lords his name is this an upgrade to downgrade the amount of colours we can use? I'm seriously doubting to go to another platform just because of this. We get 4 shades of grey (the team must like that book) no white, yellow is scraped in full and I really dislike those ugly purples. Can we please get back to the year 2021 and re-instate a colour-picker. I can't imagine this is a very difficult thing to add. YOu probably already have this tested in some version. I WANT ME COLOURS BACK!! owh ja, and fonts too pls!!
  3. What is this Evernote!? I really need a bit more flexibility with colours then you guys offer. I'm paying a good chunk of money every month and you guys downgrade to less flexibility? We are currently in 2021, we are now heading back to 1990's right? 4 shades of grey? No yellows? Boring greens? Why not implement a colour picker? This is really ridiculous. Going to change my rating because this is really a BAD decision.
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