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  1. Anyone else have trouble saving to Evernote from Dolphin Browser for Android? Used to be, I'd hit "Share Page," complete the dialog and save, and the page would be clipped. Now, I only get a URL-based note. Anyone have this problem, or better, know how to fix it? M
  2. I'm on Win7 32-bit on both machines. Though when I tried to replicate recently, I got the below problem instead: 1) Created new note 2) opened "Untitled Note" and titled it "test1" 3) closed "test1" 4) "Untitled Note" remains along with "test 1".
  3. I don't see this behavior. If anyone else does, please let us know. I am seeing this on my home machine as well. Consistently. Me three.
  4. "- Evernote Food notes are now editable" Saw that as "- Evernote Food notes are now edible". Must be lunchtime.
  5. Anyone else having trouble sending email notes today? EN is locking up after I try to send something. (First try the message went out, the second try it didn't.) Getting the "Session Completed" popup, but with the progress bar still scrolling, and 'cancel' is unresponsive.
  6. +1 for that, and for the Windows version too. If it worked like Skitch that would be .... great.
  7. You're probably limiting your quest to Android devices. After trying a lot of options on my Galaxy S3 I wound up getting an iPad Mini (for other reasons) and found that Notes Mobile worked well for me. While I appreciate Penultimate's handwriting recognition, Notes Mobile allowed me to copy/paste my written notes elsewhere. (If I'm transcribing my notes elsewhere, after all, why bother?) With that app, I can export my notes into EN as plain (recognized) text and/or as image or PDF. It's not perfect, but it recognizes my handwriting pretty well. I think there's a Notes Mobile for Android, but I hear that different Androids vary in the quality of their working with smart pens.
  8. Just wanted to give credit where credit was due on a little touch I appreciated. Many of us have experienced the "Work Offline" problem in which EN can't sync when the PC has slipped into "Work Offline" mode. (A common occurrence when I use a cellular modem to connect.) It was frustrating, but occurred rarely enough that I had to put the workaround commands in an EN note to jog my memory. Today, this happened again. But in this version, the sync error popup actually mentioned the root cause and told me to fix my IE offline settings. Nice touch. Thought I'd mention it lest this board seem like it's only a bugs/gripes forum.... M
  9. This is an awesome visual example of how a user actually uses the program, that I have to guess the developers might not even be aware of. Hopefully that type of feedback will really help. I can't imagine any reason they wouldn't want a note title on the header bar, so you have to wonder if it's not one of those things that just got dropped because it was a major rewrite and can easily be put back in. Personally, I don't think I'd be opening all of those windows at once like that, but it's not my place to weigh in on everyone's workflow. On the Mac we have the titles at the top. I think in terms of consistency among the clients, it would also be a good idea to put it into Windows. It isn't a typical part of my workflow either, I confess. Was consolidating a bunch of notes on a topic and found myself in over my head! As someone involved in UI design, I've seen many cases in which a sort of tunnel vision sets in, and even the worst designs start to look 'normal.' On balance I like the beta. But note titles are more important than the design accommodates.
  10. While I love the flat design, I'd like to lobby for having the note titles in the toolbar for opened notes. (Apologies if this is a frequent request.) Here's an illustration of the problem. Today I've been working on a lot of notes, but it's tough to know which is which without using a workaround:
  11. I've created many faulty tags by hitting "Enter" too soon. (Workflow: eyeroll, retype tag, then hunt down 'new' tag and delete.)
  12. Just bought an iPad, and voila -- Reeder won't budge. Arrg!
  13. +1 here too. 7notes for Mazec (which is capable of this) is damnably expensive; even more so if you purchase the Evernote attachment. After buying an iPad, my wallet is bare.
  14. Great! That works now. Still can't get it to recognize the stickers, alas.
  15. Thanks. The multiple flashes and my desperate attempts to cancel must've been a real sight for my coworkers!
  16. This may be the fastest "Never Mind" in the history of this forum. I was incorrect in my post below. The updated version of Dolphin browser has full integration with Evernote (and other services). Download Dolphin. Within Dolphin, go to Settings>Accounts & Services and login to Evernote. Then you can take any site, hit Menu / More / Share Page and the rest will be obvious... _________________My Mistake Below this Line__________________ You can download Dolphin's plugin from the Play Store. (Install it after you install Dolphin.) However, I've had trouble with it, as it balks at a lot of pages, saying they're 'too large.' Worse, it's easy to not notice this error until you look to see that it hasn't shown up in your inbox. There are other third-party apps such as EverClip that can provide a workaround, but it's irritating that a more organic solution isn't available. Argh!
  17. Seconded! It's hard to put my trust in a third-party app. Worse, DolphinBrowser's plugin balks at most pages I try to clip. ("Website is too big.")
  18. Me too please! The Android alternatives simply don't cut it.
  19. Yes, please rescue me from the urge to purchase an iPad Mini when I'd much rather get an Android tablet!
  20. Nicely done! Glad to see the option to use tags in the prefs. The widget is stubborn on my Droid Incredible (running CyanogenMod), either doesn't refresh or won't respond to commands. But that may be my OS...
  21. Nice to see the tag options in the Meshin update! Now if I can only get the widget to respond...
  22. The one thing that worked for me that doesn't appear in your list of what you did: after uninstalling, delete your Evernote database file, then re-install. (Given that you're having trouble on your husband's machine, however, I'm not 100% positive that would do the trick.) I'm not sure where to point you to the Evernote database file (I have a custom location), but it should have the .exb extension. Mine is in (...)/Evernote/Databases/{myusername}.exb
  23. Oops -- I should've been clearer! Here's what I meant: In order to attach a note to a calendar entry, I have to make sure it's in the default Notebook I've defined in the Notebook Preferences. I'd much rather be able to specify a default Tag instead (such as "Calendar" or "Meshin" for example).
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