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  1. +1 here too. 7notes for Mazec (which is capable of this) is damnably expensive; even more so if you purchase the Evernote attachment. After buying an iPad, my wallet is bare.
  2. This may be the fastest "Never Mind" in the history of this forum. I was incorrect in my post below. The updated version of Dolphin browser has full integration with Evernote (and other services). Download Dolphin. Within Dolphin, go to Settings>Accounts & Services and login to Evernote. Then you can take any site, hit Menu / More / Share Page and the rest will be obvious... _________________My Mistake Below this Line__________________ You can download Dolphin's plugin from the Play Store. (Install it after you install Dolphin.) However, I've had trouble with it, as it balks at a lot of pages, saying they're 'too large.' Worse, it's easy to not notice this error until you look to see that it hasn't shown up in your inbox. There are other third-party apps such as EverClip that can provide a workaround, but it's irritating that a more organic solution isn't available. Argh!
  3. Seconded! It's hard to put my trust in a third-party app. Worse, DolphinBrowser's plugin balks at most pages I try to clip. ("Website is too big.")
  4. Me too please! The Android alternatives simply don't cut it.
  5. Nicely done! Glad to see the option to use tags in the prefs. The widget is stubborn on my Droid Incredible (running CyanogenMod), either doesn't refresh or won't respond to commands. But that may be my OS...
  6. Nice to see the tag options in the Meshin update! Now if I can only get the widget to respond...
  7. Oops -- I should've been clearer! Here's what I meant: In order to attach a note to a calendar entry, I have to make sure it's in the default Notebook I've defined in the Notebook Preferences. I'd much rather be able to specify a default Tag instead (such as "Calendar" or "Meshin" for example).
  8. So nice to work with links to existing notes! For those of us who organize with tags, it'd be nice to be able to have the option of linking to a user-defined tag (such as @Meshin or @Calendar).
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