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  1. You might want to try running "evernote /debugmenu" and using "Reindex Database" and "Optimize Database." Takes a while, but it made things work much faster for me.
  2. I just found out about debug mode: run "evernote \debugmenu" Away from my PC at the moment, but one of the debug menu options allows you to recompile your message list. I ran that last week and it made a *huge* difference. Much less "(Not Responding)" delays as a result.
  3. That fixed the crashing I reported here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/59795-evernote-5403698-crashy-at-login-for-anyone-else/ Nice!
  4. After some sleuthing: http://cdn1.evernote.com/win5/prerelease/Evernote_5.4.1.3741.exe
  5. Apologies for duplicates. I just found the other thread tagged as Windows 8. (Since I'm a Win7 dinosaur I'd filtered it out.)
  6. Where do I get the direct download? Since I can't login I can't run "Check for Updates..."
  7. I'll dm you with a detail that might help.
  8. "Crashy" works better than "rebooty" or "re-instally"! Thanks, dlu, it's ticket 527613 for what it's worth...
  9. No response from tech support on this yet. Getting a spectacular crash from the latest version. After logging in with verification code, get a crash notice report popup. No matter what I do, crash popup keeps coming up forever and I have to kill all the EN processes. Done everything I can think of. Reboots, wiped library + reinstall, everything. Worked fine after I wiped the library. Until I logged off and logged back in, then the same nightmare. Anyone else?
  10. UPDATE: SEE POST BELOW https://lastpass.com/heartbleed/?h=evernote.com Detected server software of Apache That server is known to use OpenSSL and could have been vulnerable. The SSL certificate for evernote.com valid 2 years ago at Aug 14 00:00:00 2012 GMT. This is before the heartbleed bug was published, it may need to be regenerated.
  11. Same problem here with 6113 notes totaling 4.5 GB. Not ready to jump ship, but I've had to develop workarounds for this hang time.
  12. Dot sync resolved: notes tagged as un-synched prior to the update will remain un-synched. However, all new notes should be fine. To clear the unsynched, I simply edited text within each in order to force the "Updated" timestamp to change. This did the trick.
  13. The dot sync issue persists on my end. One thing I've noticed that might be helpful: I have two Windows machines, one customer-configured, the other configured by my company. The dot-sync issue does not occur on the company-configured PC.
  14. I seem to remember it has something to do with the port that Skitch uses and whether the corporate network allows passage. My customer's VPN doesn't block but my company's does. THough I could be misunderstanding something!
  15. Thanks, do you know if there's any similarity between all the notes that are sycn'd, but still show the unsync'd dot? I have had the same issue for a couple of prereleases now.. Don't know that is totally reliable, but I found two events that seemed to create a note that was "unsyncable". 1. Email a note without the notebook or tags in the subject line. Sync and it looks okay. Move it to another notebook and the asterisk stays no matter how many times you sync. 2. Modify the reminder date in a note. It appears you can remove the asterisk if you modify the note body and then sync. [edit] Not sure what happens if you move the note back to the inbox after modifying it however. Same problem here. Moved the emailed note to a different inbox, synched, dot wasn't cleared. Edited the note and synched again, dot still wasn't cleared.
  16. Update: Today's new version hasn't fixed the Sync marker not clearing issue, in case there was a fix in that build.
  17. Complicating matters, I had the same problem crop up again yesterday - but with notes that did not contain PDFs. Some details: The notes had synced properly, but the unsynced indicator had not cleared.Closing Evernote led to the standard prompt that I had unsynced notes (though I had indeed synced prior to exiting). As before, sharing the unsynced notes was the only method I could find to clear the unsynced indicator. Since yesterday I noticed exactly the same issue reported by mcluff. It affects some older notes containing PDFs. What's more puzzling is that the problem seems to be limited to a specific notebook. And there is no "unsynced Notes" folder. These sync issues make me very nervous about my database integrity. What I mean is that I won't ever know if I have lost any of my notes until I need them. This sync problems could turn out to be a silent killer... May I ask what your work flow is with these PDFs? And this might sound like an unusual question, but do you ever right click on a file on the desktop or somewhere else in the file system and click "Copy" and then paste the whole PDF into Evernote? Do you do this to move files around in Evernote?
  18. I'm having a sync issue similar but different from s2sailor. The note shown here includes a PDF that was imported from my import folder. As you can see, it did not sync (or the indicator didn't clear), despite the fact that more recent notes had successfully synced. The note does not appear in an "Unsynced Notes" folder, however. I had this issue with multiple notes yesterday, but am not certain whether they were all PDF or imported via Import Folder. The workaround I used yesterday was to Copy Note URL to Clipboard, which did the trick. Un-sharing worked, but obviously this isn't the most secure workaround. UPDATE: the web client shows the file. I suspect that the Windows app isn't clearing the Sync indicator.
  19. I've certainly seen people get nasty on these boards, but in a way this reveals just how important Evernote is for most of us.
  20. Thanks! The dot indicator motif looked better before the latest Penultimate update (which dropped just as I was about to post!). I hope this is helpful at least in concept.
  21. I agree that it'd be nice to set the speed of the auto-scroll, and/or provide an ability to push a "forward" button to jump ahead a certain amount. (This could act much like the "return" button when in zoom mode.) Highlighting and pen styles would be awesome as well. Another thing would be to lock auto-rotation, if IOS allows that.
  22. I've been using my new Jot Script at work a lot this week, and I have a suggestion that would help immensely. As you know, the script sometimes loses connection if the iPad sleeps or the user swaps apps, requiring the user to pop the power button on the pen to reconnect. If the script connection is still "alive" or is reconnected, a text prompt shows "Jot Script connected" prompt appears briefly and vanishes. This prompt is useful but is only visible for a brief moment. I've had to press the power on the pen then shift my gaze quickly to the iPad to see whether the prompt appears. I know there are workarounds to test the script's status, but if I'm using Penultimate to take quick incident notes, I don't have time to tinker. So I have a couple of ideas mocked up to provide real-time connection status to the user. (I can't know, of course, whether the back-end information is available to support this.) The mockups assume that Penultimate "knows" if a Jot Script has been paired before. Assume that these markers would only occur when this is the case. OPTION 1: Paired, Script is Available: The BB won't let me post more screenshots, so the other options are posted here.
  23. Holy crow, that worked! I thought I'd done that once before -- but apparently not. Thanks!
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