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  1. Thanks, but scannable sent me here. Plus I don’t know the difference. I thought it was all the same thing, Scannable and Evernote! Anyway Thanks for sending me in the right direction, wherever that is.
  2. Every time there is an update with the Scannable app I have to go into settings and reset everything back to what I had set before the update happened. Please fix this to where it automatically keeps the users settings. This would make me a really happy person. Because I get pissed off every time I have to do it after an update. All my other apps keep the user settings after an update, don’t know why this app doesn’t do that.
  3. Automatically save the users settings. This should not even be a question.
  4. Every time there is a Scannable app update, I have to go into settings and set everything back to what I have already set before the update. I shouldn’t have to go back in and make sure my settings are right. This really pisses me off every time. I have to re-login, I have to set it to save to Evernote, and I have to set save location. Plus it takes me a while to figure out where the settings are at. Yeah this might be petty but it really pisses me off. This is the only app that does this, I don’t have to do the above after updates on any of my other apps! Please fix this!
  5. Every time you update the freaking app you make me reset the darn settings, ( location and always save to Evernote) back to what what I had set!. I have to do this every darn time! And it always happen on the most inappropriate time when I really needed to use the app. I so frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be easy to keep MY default setting on an upgrade!
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