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  1. The latest version of Evernote for Mac, 3.9.10 (2439) has fixed the issue where data goes missing! However, it still generates multiple sync conflicts per day, which is a bit annoying.
  2. latest mac client 10.8 rev 2387, basic user. issue explained here is the same, marked resolved but NOT resolved. Existing note, typing in it. See "all changes saved" in bottom corner. Change windows and come back, the new changes are GONE. or, create new note, type it. Come back shortly, new note is totally gone. Seems to be some kind of sync issue with server side version is overwriting newest client side without creating a conflict document. This is all within the mac client, not across device (although I use the IOS client periodically, but not this week). Has been happening f
  3. This is the same issue i've been having for a few weeks. New lines in existing notes just disappear periodically even if it says "all changes saved in the bottom. latest version 2367 on Mac client. When will we get a fix for this? Definitely not solved!
  4. I also had this issue and could not solve until I read the above hint. I don't have VPN but my company uses Netskope for cloud security. I had to disable that client temporarily to allow login. After that all worked fine.
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