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  1. I would really like this feature as well. I am glad to have learned about the tag search feature that "Evernote Plant" wrote about, but I would find it more intutive to have this feature from the notes search box when I type starting the search with "tag:" Peter
  2. Thank you, Michael. I am surprised that Evernote doesn't already have this useful feature. I think it would save people time and some frustration. Maybe people keep multiple notes open at the same time. I usually don't operate this way. I view and edit my notes from the area shown when the menu View / Show Notes Panel is checked. I click on one note to edit it. The note might be many pages long and I might be somewhere close to the end of the note. When I want to update another note, I click on that note. When I jump back to the previous note I was editing, the cursor goes back to the top of the document and I have to find out where I was previously. This takes extra time that could be saved if Evernote put me back where I was.
  3. I'm not sure if someone else has suggested this or if it is already an Evernote feature. I think it would be useful if Evernote remembered the location you were last in when you edit a note. So if I am on line 200 of 300 in note 1 and I go to edit note 2, I would like Evernote to bring me back to line 200 when I go to edit note 1. Otherwise, when I go back to note 1 from note 2, I have to remember to navigate down in the document to the location I was last in. I think this should be a setting somewhere in Evernote to enable this feature. Maybe it could be on by default. Thank you for making such a useful and powerful product. Peter
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