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  1. I spent two days resolving this problem. In order for the 'SEND' button in the menu bar, and the 'ADD TO Evernote 5' to appear in the context menu of tools, you have to uncheck Enable Protect Mode in Internet Options:Security. This still does not resolve the missing 'ADD TO Evernote 5' in the right-click context menu.


    Enable Protect Mode is the default in IE9, a Windows update could have checked your box. In the past, EV may have unchecked 'Enable Protect Mode' during the installation process - I never noticef. They might have missed that step in the install process for EV5, however, I am skeptical about "my fix." In the past, I would have naturally checked 'Enable Protect Mode' in my Internet settings and I never had a problem with SEND to Evernote, therefore I am concerned about not having a secure browser.


    I submitted a ticket 4 days ago with screenshots, however, I never even received a confirmation let alone a response.

  2. And on 2007 MacBook under 10.6.8 the new clipper simply doesn't work at all.


    Well done, Evernote, well done. I'm back to mailing myself URLs. Can I get a refund on my premium subscription, because you have rendered it completely useless?

    This is exactly why I cancelled my Premium subscription. Yes I got a response within the "paid" time frame i.e., "we'll look into it" with weeks to resolution.

    I am crippled in Evernote since updating to EV 5.0. My entire process is based on storing full articles using "SEND to EVENOTE" which no longer works. I feel forever doomed to using Evernote/OneNote two-step.

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