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  1. I used to be a premium member for several years but I forgot that my payment solution for renewal had expired. So I accidentally ended up with the free plan and here is why I am staying with it. I realize that my reason for it has been mentioned before (quite often indeed) but I am conceptually puzzled - and not just practically frustrated - by Evernote at this point. What I do understand is that we are encouraged to upgrade to premium so that as opposed to 60MB we could store several GBs of data. That makes perfect sense in an increasingly paperless world. What I do not understand is how we can manage the data effectively without massive hard drive. I am a university professor and use (used) Evernote for research. But with each new work laptop that is thinner, there is less hard drive room. I simply cannot download all of my data on the computer. There is no room for that. But it is not feasible to write my articles and books with the web-interface. It's just not efficient enough and I waste too much time waiting for the response and scrolling. On the desktop app, that works but I can no longer install the desktop app. I don't understand how I would upload nearly 10GB of data monthly if I cannot use it selectively. In a nutshell: the lack of selective sync for devices is not just "oh wouldn't be nicer" type of wish. It is crucial for actual research. I genuinely do not understand the conceptual vision anymore. If I am looking for a receipt, a bookmark, or just an occasional file, the web interface would do. Dealing with several hundred footnotes and over a thousand references in the bibliography, Evernote cannot be my tool of choice.Are we expected to pencil in on the calendar that, on the day we renew our plan, we should also buy a new hard drive to keep up? I'll keep an eye on the changes and the moment Evernote implements selective sync. The moment I am able to download one notebook that I am working on and not the entire account on my laptop, I will pay the highest premium for it on the spot.
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